As a young child I used to take pictures of my Lego projects with my Pentax K1000 and play around in my school darkroom to make the images look just right. Though Lego plays slightly less a role in my life these days I do still make pictures and enjoy working to make them look just right.


I'm trained as a painter and still maintain an active studio practice, having shown both nationally and internationally over the course of the past 25 years. My work is in private and corporate collections at home and abroad and has been shown and written about in many publications over the years including the Washington Post, Baltimore Magazine, Style Magazine, The Baltimore Sun, Burlington Magazine, Art in America, Art News, Sciences Magazine and many others. These days I make stripe paintings.


Photography has long played a central role in my painting practice but about a decade ago this activity took on a life of its own, especially with regards to our built environment. I've always had a deep interest in Architecture. I've long considered Architecture as something akin to sculpture, albeit with a distinctly pragmatic edge. When I shoot a building I'm looking to find the clearest articulation of both its formal aspirations and its function, or story, in the most stylistically appropriate manner possible. The photograph, as shot is simply the beginning. Beyond thoughtful framing and composition the true character of the image occurs during meticulous and mindful processing, be it in the darkroom or at the computer. As easy as it is to produce over-cooked digital fantasies I feel strongly that quality Architectural Photography should strive to celebrate the perfectly natural. I've been fortunate to work with some of the top architecture firms and development groups around and take enormous pride in my effort to fairly honor their remarkable work. My goal is to produce beautiful images that are firmly rooted in the authenticity of the project's natural environment. I work to make the real look really wonderful!

I live in Baltimore City with my lovely 8yr old son and my wonderful wife..(who just happens to be an Architect..). When not photographing, painting or teaching, I'm generally riding my bike as fast as I can through the woods!

Please drop me a line with any questions. 



cell: 410.733.8063